Reviving the U.S. Infrastructure
Episode 2
How We Will Write the Future of Infrastructure: Our Sputnik Moment

U.S. infrastructure is at a turning point. Rapid recovery is the focus but we can’t lose sight of the bold moves that need to be made. Trillions of dollars in spending could end up equalling zero if the infrastructure community can’t come together to make historic change. 

In episode two of our Spotlight Series on Reviving the U.S. Infrastructure, Norman F. Anderson, author of Vision: Our Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap Forward, and Chairman & CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, outlines how governments and asset owners need to think about upcoming infrastructure initiatives. For short-term economic benefits, lasting excellence, and making the most of a crisis.

RELEASED: MARCH 17, 2021 / 31 MIN

Cyndee Hoagland
Cyndee Hoagland
Senior Vice President
Trimble Inc.
Norman Anderson
Norman Anderson
Chairman & CEO
CG/LA Infrastructure