Michael Horsch
Michael Horsch
HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

In 1979, Michael Horsch went to the USA with the plan in mind to have his own farm one day. In 1981 he returned to Germany and built his first direct seeder instead. In 1984 he founded the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH together with his father Dankwart and his uncle Walter.

In 1990, with the opening of eastern Europe, HORSCH started to grow very rapidly. Today, it continues as one of the fastest growing short line farm machinery manufacturers in the world. There are three factories in Germany, with others in the USA, Russia, Brasil, and China.

Michael Horsch runs HORSCH together with his brother Philipp (CEO) and his wife Cornelia. He and his brothers also run several farms in East Germany and the Czech Republic, including AgroVation, a model future farm which many farmers around the world have already visited.

Michael is married to Cornelia and father of four children. He is the eldest of 5 brothers and one sister.